Social Media Game

Rewarding Connections

The Health Insurance and Protection Awards is the defining moment of the year for celebrating your achievements as a business and team. During the awards evening, you will also be reconnecting with former colleagues and forging new connections for the future.

We want to celebrate the power of connections

At Generali Global Health, we believe it’s important to celebrate the impact of these connections and partnerships in our industry. Because, in the words of Steve Jobs, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people”.

Over the coming weeks as Social Media Sponsor for the Health Insurance & Protection Awards, we will be focussing on the power of valuable, therefore rewarding connections, also seen as partnerships.

Plus, on Tuesday 1st October, we are launching a game which will give you the opportunity to recognise individuals around you and highlight their successes. By tweeting your nomination, you’ll be putting your nominee in with a chance to win a prize!

Creating rewarding connections.

Over the next few weeks, as Social Media Sponsor for the Health Insurance & Protection Awards, we will be sharing inspiring stories to motivate you to reach out and strengthen your network – with people you know, and those you don’t.

The key to long-lasting relationships is trust, so authenticity – both online and offline is paramount and we’ll be highlighting:

  • inspiring relationships that have changed the world
  • why connections make you stronger
  • how you can recognise those whose dedication and excellence has made a difference to you in the last 12 months – How? Via our awards night game!

Inspire others and share your appreciation. Nominate and get nominated. The best three nominees will win! 

The Health Insurance and Protection Awards celebrates companies and individuals for their achievements. But there are other stars out there who also deserve recognition. Therefore, on Tuesday 1st October, #MyHIPAward will launch with the chance to win a prize on the awards evening on the 17th October.

From the 1st October, you can nominate for the #MyHIPAward via tweet an individual, a colleague or business partner who has stood out for you in the last 12 months.

How to enter:

  1. In order to enter the game, you and the person you want to nominate both need to attend the Health Insurance & Protection Awards in London on the 17th of October 2019.
  2. If you haven’t yet, follow @GeneraliHealth on Twitter to stay up to date and get rewarding content.
  3. Create a new tweet to nominate an individual, a colleague or a business partner who will also attend the Awards, and include the reason for the nomination. Start your tweet with #MyHIPAward goes to… and use their tag @name or just their full name.
  4. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MyHIPAward and #RewardingConnections in your tweet.
  5. Make sure you mention @GeneraliHealth in your tweet, or we will not find your nomination!

Here’s an example:

#MyHIPAward goes to @MarcoG for making IPMI simple for our customers around the world @GeneraliHealth #RewardingConnections

Perhaps your nominees have delivered professional excellence for a client or customer, or they have overcome a business challenge to bring success. If they have a Twitter account you can also tag your colleague(s) or business partner and connect with them on Twitter to enhance your recognition, otherwise, you can use their full name.

Remember, both you and your nominee need to attend the Awards night in order to be eligible to enter the game and – potentially – to win and pick up their prize.


Entries will be displayed on the big screens during the awards on Thursday 17th October 2019. Entries will be closing at 8:30 pm on the 17th October, the awards night, and judged by Generali Global Health and Health & Insurance Protection Awards. Three winners will be selected based on the level of inspiration to others and engagement with the post and they will be asked to personally collect the prizes during the night of the Awards.

By tweeting your nomination, you will give to your nominee the chance to win one of the three GIFT Experiences – day passes with the 1st prize of £350, 2nd prize of £250 and 3rd prize of £150 – from Truly Experiences who offer range of exciting activities including Sport, Adventure, Nature & Day Out Activities, Spa & Massages Days, Drink & Tastings, Dining, Art, Music & Cultural Experiences, Masterclasses and Courses, and many more. Your experience is yours to choose from their great range.